21:50:18 Pablopf Hi, has anyone a jawa 250 perak type 11 manual in english? I own one in Argentina in process of resytauration, thanks!
17:43:25 peter anyone know any thing about a 350ts 632.2 *
15:01:49 alexgg Hi, anybody can give me the length of crankshaft flywheel for Perak 350?
23:07:07 maxipes Hello enter its offer to the section Classifieds. Maxi Pes.
22:58:04 Bal If anyone want you can contact me m.bal@msn.com
22:55:06 Bal Also piston sets
22:54:34 Bal İ have jawa cezet cz 350 cylinders for sale
22:52:49 Bal Hiç everyone
20:35:26 Jawa353 Merry Christmas to everyone from Denmark :)
13:12:10 maxipes Halo halo is Someone Halo is someone from the Jaw
21:23:23 maxipes I go to sleep.
21:21:13 maxipes Nobody here for a chat.
20:21:07 maxipes A toast to all lovers JAW.
11:27:34 maxipes MAXI PES.
10:27:55 maxipes MAXI PES health PERZ.
07:54:20 maxipes You're welcome. MAXIPES
07:43:36 Perzo thanke you maxipes
15:41:46 maxipes http://www.motojelinek.cz/.*357* http://www.motokramek.cz/...wa-kyvacka-panelka-perak/. http://motodilymm.cz/motodily/nd-jawa-250.
14:32:47 Perzo http://www.jawashop.com/
14:32:45 Perzo Now i shopped here
14:31:42 Perzo where can I buy jawa parts as cheaply as possible
14:30:21 Perzo hello guys
06:45:52 maxipes Helou bicimoto5araya.
08:56:36 andy_jakarta
08:14:24 bayu hello bro...I'am Surakarta ,central Java-Indonesia
02:13:19 andy_jakarta
21:04:52 Jawa353 du kan bestille dele til jawa i jawashop og jawamarkt bare google jawa parts, jawashop er hurgtigst
09:16:59 andy_jakarta Hi @DJAYA BRO.. I'am @Tandjung Priok Jakarta
09:15:51 andy_jakarta hello everybody
05:13:39 andy_jakarta
15:50:05 Jawa353 jeg er dansk hvad ønsker du kontakt om ?
22:23:12 Jawa353 hey
17:53:26 747237haq what is the gap between the piston ring edges of STD piston when inserted in cylinder without a piston fitted in ideal jawa 250/250cc PERAK model 1971
17:52:07 747237haq what is the gap of piston ring edges of STD piston when inserted in cylinder without a piston fitted in ideal jawa 250/250cc PERAK model 1971
09:14:55 747237haq how to connect a12 volts battery instead of 6 volts and its wiring for 12 volts battery without doing any modification to existing inverter,as the 6 volts battery is not available in market
07:09:39 andy_jakarta hi Jonathan, you can get the parts needed easily in India i think
07:08:00 andy_jakarta hi priyank
15:50:22 Jonathanstpeter Hello out there ..is anybody on here in the united states and knows where I can find parts for my 74 jawa/Cz 175 type 477 ??
20:30:17 Mux Hi ¨
13:39:57 andy_jakarta oopsss...no one online now???
13:34:25 andy_jakarta how are you guys??
13:33:51 andy_jakarta hi there!!