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Carburetor adjustment Jawa 350/ 638 639 640

Forum Tech corner Carburetor adjustment Jawa 350/ 638 639 640

2016-08-10 15:27:39

Instructions for carburetor adjustment . Adjust clearance on cable spool cap so that the valve closes when gas audibly touched down to the bottom - you can completely remove the screw stop slide ( the slant ) , you have confidence . Cable should have posprávném adjustment to throttle a little play - approx . 1 mm

A horizontal screw idle mixture Fixed the full tightening by 1 turn. After the engine has warmed up to operating temperature , adjust the screw stop the slide idle for approx . 1000 - 1200 rev / min . Then you can still try to fine tune the richness of the mixture. Screw richness always perm and a quarter turn and wait for the response of the engine . The speed should increase slightly . Continue the gradual loosening the screw until it begins to decrease speed again and adjust the screw so that they are listening exercises as high as possible . Then the idle mixture screw a quarter turn even bring it up again and adjust the slide stop idling speed to the correct value . This adjustment should be carried out on the engine is warm . It is also necessary to have a clean air filter and intake not have přicpaný need medicine cabinet or foam lining chopper blinkers , which are under the seat near the intake opening .

2016-08-10 19:08:07


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