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2014-06-19 16:56:35

I got the Jawa running but need to know what type of plugs and what the gap on the spark plugs should be. What do other's set their gap at?

Dostal jsem Jawa běží, ale je třeba vědět, jaký typ svíček a jaká by měla být mezera na zapalovací svíčky. Co jiného je nastaven svůj mezeru na?

2016-08-10 17:38:02

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2016-08-10 17:50:46


Before you set up ahead of time, so you need to have set its gap!

If you have a dipstick, so just unscrew the plug and instead screw the dipstick. If you Šupler or similar instrument, it is better to take off the cylinder head, however, Nenita podmínkou.Poté prepare a very simple electrical circuit that we will interrupt the hammer. Unscrew cable from the terminal to the stator (1A or 1B), which leads from the hammer and him connect auxiliary wire leading to one outlet of the bulb socket. On the second wire leading from the lamp socket must connect (+) of our resources and (-) connect anywhere on the ground (preferably karter the engine). If we have well prepared and in a position where the hammer pinned us bulb lights! Now it is important to uvjedomit that when indexing rotor us in a position where the bulb in our circuit goes skips cylinder spark. We therefore need to make this moment came at the required distance from TDC (see table) To achieve this, we enable the plate at the head of the stator (as on the anvil with a hammer and a capacitor) and gently as needed pootáčíme. If there is too much distance from TDC and turn the right, if too small, so turn the left. The advance we have set well at the moment when the light bulb in our power. circuit off when the desired distance from TDC. If we managed to set it that way, and properly tighten the plate and the distance from TDC recheck again. When it's OK, disconnect its power cable from the hammer back on the terminal block and try to start the engine. If that's not it, the whole process opakujeme.Jsou other, perhaps faster ways to set up in advance, but this is surely the most accurate and easiest for the amateur. If, in the longer a Friday rake, so you just stick a screwdriver into the cylinder and expert eye it sets just exactly like a light bulb :) PS: If you fail at several attempts to set up, it is quite possible that it may be bad hammer or sanded cam! Felt on the cam must be oiled.

Odrh 03 -0.4

Rocking advance 250 4-4,5mm


2016-08-10 17:54:23

Rocking 350 3.2 to 3.6 mm

advance panelka 559,592 3,5-4mm

advance panelka 360 3- 3.5 mm

Rocking advance 125- 351 : 3.0 to 4.5 mm ; its gap from 0.4 to 0.45 mm

Rocking timing 355, 453, 473: 3.8 to 4.0 mm ; its gap from 0.3 to 0.4 mm

Rocking advance 150 , 352 : 3.0 to 4.5 mm ; its gap from 0.4 to 0.45 mm

Rocking timing 175, 356, 450 , 470 : 4.0 mm ; gap to 0.3 to 0.4 m

Jawa / EN 125 : 3,8-4mm

Jawa / EN 175 : 4mm

Jawa / EN 250 ( except type 623 ) 3,5-4mm

Jawa / EN 250/623 : 2.5

2016-08-10 18:00:23


Carburettor settings Jawa 350 / 638-640

Adjust clearance on cable spool cap so that the valve closes when gas audibly touched down to the bottom - you can completely remove the screw stop slide (the slant), you have confidence. Cable should have posprávném adjustment to throttle a little play - approx. 1 mm.

7) the horizontal screw idle mixture Fixed the full tightening by 1 turn.

8) After the engine has warmed up to operating temperature, adjust the screw stop the slide idle for approx. 1000 - 1200 rev / min. Then you can still try to fine tune the richness of the mixture. Screw richness always perm and a quarter turn and wait for the response of the engine. The speed should increase slightly. Continue the gradual loosening the screw until it begins to decrease speed again and adjust the screw so that they are listening exercises as high as possible. Then the idle mixture screw a quarter turn even bring it up again and adjust the slide stop idling speed to the correct value. This adjustment should be carried out on the engine is warm. It is also necessary to have a clean air filter and intake not have přicpaný need medicine cabinet or foam lining chopper blinkers, which are under the seat near the intake opening.