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After the Crash 250r

Video showcasing the damage to my Kawasaki Ninja 250r after a very low-speed lowside. Replaced the front left turn-signal and foot pedal/clutch lever frame mount. The bike was laid down by my girlfriend, who revceived a pretty good bruise with minor necrosis from the impact, oddly from where her right leg hit the bike. She was wearing full gear which sustained minor damage, left elbow, leg, scratch on helmet, glove got the worts of it, no injuries whatsoever on account of hitting the asphalt. First bike vlog video upload, probably have to get a better cam and editing software. I am using the iPod Nano, which is great for its size, but crap for audio feedback with the visor down, FYI. Also using Camtasia, which does a fair job with the audio considering the original soundtrack that the program has to deal with, but I'm plannning on obtaining and using Sony Vegas Pro. Any tips, tricks in getting the voice to come out clear would be grand. I'll keep working on it, I have a bunch of cam time recorded, but still have a long way to go. I'll try to upload a better crash discussion vid relating to the gear and injury. Probably won't replace the fairing, she's got to advertise it, that's ehr punishment, ha, but seriously, I'm planning on eventually making this my track day bike, with full race fairings etc... eventually...

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