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Anand Ashram - The International Day of Peace 2008

Commemorating The International Day of Peace 2008. Contribution of Indonesian Youth to World Peace, World Peace Now! Stop Imagining, Make It Happen. Anand Ashram Foundation (affiliated to UN), and its wing organzations, such as Forum of Awakening Soul (FKJ), National Integration Movement (NIM), Sufi Lodge, Forum of Educators, Doctors, and Pscyhologists for Motherland (ForADokSi-BIP), Anand Krishna Global Cooperation, Anand Krishna Education Foundation, Institute of Holistic Education, California-Bali Friendship Association, and LAyurveda respond this call by conducting a series of events with theme : Contribution of Indonesian Youth for World Peace: World Peace Now! Stop Imagining. Make It Happen from Saturday, September 20th 2008 to Sunday, September 21st 2008. The events will be conducted simultaneously in several big cities in Indonesia : ======= Jakarta ======= Screening and Discussing Film Peace One Day, Open House (with Bapak Anand Krishna) and Breakfasting Gathering. Time : On Saturday, the 20th of September 2008, at 13:00-18:00 in the afternoon. Place : Anand Ashram, Jl. Sunter Mas Barat II-E, Block H-10/1, Jakarta. Contact Person : Imus (0813.89906800) People Festivity with lots of singing, dancing and laughing. Time : On Sunday, the 21st of September 2008, at 05:45-07:00 in the morning. Place : Lapangan IKADA, Monas, Jakarta Pusat. Contact Person : Sita (0816.1407380) =============== Denpasar Bali =============== Screening dan Discussing Film Peace One Day Time ...

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