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Dramatari Hanuman Duta ( 2 / 3 )

13 April 2005 Spring World Music Festival California Institute of the Arts REDCAT Roy and Edna Disney | CalArts Theater Los Angeles, California Gamelan Jawa Tengah Kyai Dorodasih (Venerable Dream Come True) Djoko Walujo, Musical Director Nanik Wenten, I Nyoman Wenten, Dance Directors Hanuman, the monkey general, is friend and ally of Prince Rama in the Indian epic poem Ramayana. In this scene, Rama sends Hanuman into the enemy country of Alengka to search for Dewi Sinta, Ramas wife, who was abducted by the demon king Rahwana. On the island kingdom of Alengka, Sinta is kept in the palace garden Taman Soka, where Rahwana's niece Dewi Trijata entertains her while guarded by an army of giant demons. Rahwana arrives and pledges his love to Sinta but she rejects him. Offended, Rahwana angrily threatens to kill her. Meanwhile, Hanuman discovers Sinta at Rahwana's palace and sends for Rama to join them. The demon army notices the destruction of the palace and attacks Hanuman. Finally Rahwana and Rama meet on the battlefield and a furious battle lasting many days and nights ensues. In the end, Rama is victorious over Rahwana, and Prince Rama and Dewi Sinta are reunited. penari (dancers) : Lantip Kuswala Daya : Hanuman Nanik Wenten : Prince Rama Paramita Wimboprasetyo : Dewi Sinta Wuri Wimboprasetyo : Dewi Sinta (flashback) Jeannie Park : Dewi Trijata I Nyoman Wenten : Demon King Rahwana Andrea Bell, Tara Fagan, Ryan Mason, Kyle Ross, Brian Stearns : Demon Army penabuh (musicians ...

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