Video - Jalan2: Karimun Jawa, Indonesia, September 2011

Videos Jawa Jalan2: Karimun Jawa, Indonesia, September 2011

Jalan2: Karimun Jawa, Indonesia, September 2011

Beautiful beaches, white soft sand, tamed sharks, and of course, gorgeous corals :) I went to this island of Karimun Jawa with some college friends and it was awesome. We stay for 4 days with 2 days of snorkeling (2 times each, before and after lunch), breakfast and lunch for 2 days, for only Rp.375.000 (about $40, prices may be different for foreigner), including ferry tickets. Karimun Jawa has so many beautiful beaches. Its people are ready to accept tourists. Here, you can see how typical Indonesian run their daily lives: attend mosque in the dawn, fraternize, fishing, and gather with their families It is advised that you come to this island in September or April because the weather is great and not so many tourists at that time. Never come in July or January, this place may be overcrowded and the weather is extremely bad especially in January, there is even a chance that you will trapped in this island for weeks as the ferry (and smaller ships) wont sail if the storm come. And also, there is no bank here, no ATM, so it's a must to bring money in cash (in rupiah) Sorry for the low video quality, I took it with my smartphone camera. :)

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