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Jawa Boogie - Instrumental

This is a song I randomly made up on the spot. I was bored today and decided to give any instrument I could get my hands on a bit of a rattle. Everything is first takes, so excuse how poorly everything is played. [FYI - For whatever reason, the sound of the final product made me think of Tatooine in Star Wars.] GEEKS CORNER: Ibanez JS1000 Electric Guitar Predencio Saez Spanish Guitar Yamaha Fretless Bass M-Audio Oxy49 MIDI Keyboards Marshall Mode 4 Stack TL Audio 5021 Dual Valve Compressor TC Electronic G-Major Effects Rack DAV Broadhurst Gardens No.1 Preamp Mackie Onyx 1640 Desk/Preamps Shure SM57 off Axis on Cone Edge of a Celestion Gold Back 12inch Speaker. Mixed listening to a pair of KRK Rokit 6 Studio Monitors. Logic Pro 9 for all else. All first take recording's, All Riffs etc made up spontaneously.

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Duration: 3 minutes : 40 seconds
Author: skeletalwreck
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