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KOTOR (LS) 60 - Bastila & Mother Reunited

Outside the Hunter's Lodge, I see Sharina who lost her husband. All she has is a Desert Wraid Plate (Middleman Quest). I give her 700 credits to help her start a new life (LS Points) - I feel so much better being a good Jedi! As I head for the Cantina, A mysterious Tw'lek appears and gives me a datapad. The datapad says I must meet Hulas alone on Manaan (Genoharadan Quests). In the Cantina, I give the Holocron to Helena (Bastila's Mother Quest). Bastila and her mother are finally united. I sometimes feel emotional when NPC's quests end, and this is one of them. Soon after, Bastila wants to talk to me again on another subject - during the conversation, you can see Helena trying to leave but she's stuck because of us! After Bastila's sad story, this scene cheers me up. Iziz the Jawa thanks me for releasing his people from captivity. As a fair trader, he gives me an Echani Shield (Fair Trade Quest). That's all I can do for now - It's time to leave Tatooine. Completed: 'Middleman', 'Bastila's Mother', 'Fair Trade' Quests Console: X-Box

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