Video - Lianto Tjahjoputro Composition -Praludium Magnetis

Videos Jawa Minor Lianto Tjahjoputro Composition -Praludium Magnetis

Lianto Tjahjoputro Composition -Praludium Magnetis

Lianto Tjahjoputro played his Composition, PRALUDIUM MAGNETIS. This composition has a misterious religious aura. Lianto Tjahjoputro fill in mantrams from all of religion in Indonesia. Before made this composition, Tjahjoputro did fasting for 3 days (No food and drink when the sun appear). Then on the 4th day, he did pati geni (No food and drink the whole days and also keep silent and without light). This composition used tuning B for the sixth string, because at that time, Tjahjoputro was bored with tuning E or D.Live performance at Erasmus Huis (Netherland Embassy in Jakarta) July, 07 2008,

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