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Lou Harrison, Main Bersama-Sama

Lou Harrison, Main Bersama-Sama (Playing Together) 1978, Gamelan Sekar Kembar, with French horn soloist, Scott L. Hartman. For this recording, he set the valves of his instrument into a special pattern which produces the tuning of the gamelan. The Gamelan Sekar Kembar (Paired Flowers, or Matched Melodies) is a bronze Gamelan Degung imported from Bandung, West Java (Sunda) where it was made. The visual art includes some Balinese works, with Ubud painters, Balinese Masks - Tumpek Landep, I Nyoman Meja (b. 1952), Acrylic on canvas, and Legong Dance, Ida Bagus Made, tempera on canvas. Young artist paintings, The snake tree, I Wayan Pugur, Gouache on paper, and Bali Life, I Gerebig, Oil on canvas, the Batuan painting, The Wheel of Life, I Ketut Murtika (b. 1952), Gouache on canvas. And now my personal note. For any of us, fortunate to be able to attend any Lou Harrison composition seminar, it was clear from the beginning his profound admiration for the sheer beauty of sound in oriental music. Specifically, he valued the "untempered" scales based on the natural harmonic overtone series as opposed to the "tempered" scales prevalent in western music. He envisioned "just intonation" intervals as universal to all mankind not only on a musical level but as part of a deeper philosophical value. As a teacher, his enthusiasm inspired us all, to think anew, open-up, internalize, and explore, explore, explore..., new ways, unknown directions.

Lou Harrison, Main Bersama-Sama, Gamelan Sekar Kembar, French horn soloist, Scott L. Hartman.



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