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MZ ETZ 301 '98

My MZ is finished at last! :-P Now it's how I like it. Fitted with side protectors, extra footrests, side stand, ETZ 251 seat, self made top box rack, progressive rear springs, Kappa KA 650 windshield and org handlebar is raised about 45mm. I also have 32l Pneumant side boxes for longer touring. I changed the old 21 peak front sprocket to a 20 peak so now with passenger and full touring equipments I can cruise 80-100km/h with fifth gear. Fuel consumption also dropped with that smaller front sprocket. I'm completely satisfied with this little twostroke ring-dinger. I've rode about 9000-10 000km during this season already and I have nothing to complain. It carries two people in 100km/h cruise speed all day, never overheats, no vibration, starts every time with first kick, low cost parts and straight forward maintaining. Well, It doesn't have fierce acceleration and it can't do 200km/h but in touring those features are useless in my opinion. And with this bike I've made so many new friends. Finnish MZ-club have meeting in every summer somewhere in Finland Your welcome.

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