Video - Operation of Cow Sectio Caesarea (at Bondowoso)

Videos Jawa Robot Operation of Cow Sectio Caesarea (at Bondowoso)

Operation of Cow Sectio Caesarea (at Bondowoso)

This operation of cow sectio caesarea is 14 times that to do Moech Saifoel, DVM (civil servant at Bondowoso regency and Gadjah Mada University alumni). The sectio caesarea occurred in Botolinggo, Botolinggo districts, Bondowoso regency, East Java province, Indonesia, on October 19, 2009. Case information: no open cervical perfect, amniotic fluids have ruptured membranes for approximately 3 hours, fetal position is not in the correct position and the fetus in the uterus begin weak, and the mother began to show fatigue caused by constant straining process. This case was done by considering saving the fetus and its mother.

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