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Star Wars Gangsta Rap 2

A hilarious music video featuring some of your favorite or perhaps not-so-favorite Star Wars characters like you've never seen them before. IMPORTANT NOTE: This video is not mine, and I do not take any credit for it. Here are the lyrics (although please note that they are not absolutely correct, as I do not have confirmation from the artists). Admiral: This is Admiral Biatch to base camp, it seems the stormtroopers have gone on strike and I have no experience with this type of shit. Who should I call for help? Vader: It's the V to the A to the DER (Vader!) Reconstructin' the Death Star! With my slick suede suit that's black like tar, Fucking you up no matter who you are! Palpatine: Tell them motherfuckers 'bout this here Dark Side! Pull up on your planet, Death Star drive-by! And we'll beat the Rebels 'cause their skills ain't shit! Vader: And in my TIE Fighter, Zig-zags stay lit! Yoda: Oh, shit! Yoda on the scene, 900 year fiend smoking Dagobah green! Bitches on my tip, like Lando on liquor. Lando: Ah, you're just jealous 'cause my black dick's thicker. Chewbacca: *Wookie yell* Lando: Yo! Tell 'em Chewie, last night I had Leia all drunk wanting to do me. Luke: Shut the fuck up man! Leia's my sister! The only thing you're getting is a beat-off blister. Ben Kenobi: Luke! Use the force before intercourse, but Luke! Don't forget! Bitches ain't nothing but hos and tricks! (Ohh!) Luke: Obi-Wan, I'm the top gun! (top gun) The chosen one, hotter than both suns! Vader ain't shit ...

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