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Videos Jawa 250 Special The Cram It Christmas Special - Part 1

The Cram It Christmas Special - Part 1

Maximilian Thaddeus (Marc Pipitone) never has been a very happy-go-lucky kind of guy but Christmas seems to bring out the worst in him. Whether it's berating or abusing his butler and employee, Theodore (Raj Jawa), or just attacking a hobo named Dillion (Jon Strauss) whenever they meet, this guy is a real Christmas asshole. One night, however, Scott, the Emo Christmas Ghost (Tommy Sziklay), appears in Maximilian's home and shows him some of his misdoings. Will Maximilian come out of this with a new sense of respect for his fellow man or will he continue being an asshole to all those around him? The Cram It Christmas Special is a story about a modern day Scrooge but this isn't your mother's A Christmas Carol. Packed with laughs and antics that is expected of Cram It Productions.

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Duration: 7 minutes : 20 seconds
Author: CramItProductions
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