Video - The Railroad Bulls - Fairtrade (demo track in progress)

Videos Jawa Robot The Railroad Bulls - Fairtrade (demo track in progress)

The Railroad Bulls - Fairtrade (demo track in progress)

Lyrics: He was sincere even if half asleep at the wheel of a car that he uses for sleepin. Fuel's expensive these days, only him or that Mercury eats. He had some problems with drinking and drugs, with severe boughts of sadness, rediculous love. With retentions of anger, it's a good thing he don't give a fuck. The party began and eventually stopped, way too fucked up to notice, alone he stayed up, singing songs no one else knows except the sunsets from the road. The language he speaks truly wreaks off his slurs. Dirty face, dirty hands, dirty whiskey shits words. Out a mouth he controlled until about an hour ago. Fucking up right and left, losing friends, and some cash. He's a Lion from Detroit ...he's fumbling fast. Get yourself a new city kid, or its the bench for your ass. But i'm addicted to howling at the sky. I'm addicted to the travelling highs I'm addicted to someone screaming, this is the best night of my life. Played the same open chords from sunrise to pass out. On the floor, on the lawn, on the west, east, and couch, in the south on the street, in the North quietly in this house. Swearing vengeance on youth I spent chasing their dreams... put my own out the window to turn into breezes I constantly chase now my blood finally boiled to steam. Now scribbling mad like a kid with his crayons, a recluse like a Jawa, with songs as my sand, and my robot business has been failin, failin, failin...

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Duration: 3 minutes : 47 seconds
Author: seatstothewind
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