Video - Vintage 12 Back Vinyl Cape Jawa AFA 85 (Product Review)

Videos Jawa Vintage 12 Back Vinyl Cape Jawa AFA 85 (Product Review)

Vintage 12 Back Vinyl Cape Jawa AFA 85 (Product Review)

The Star Wars 12 Back Vinyl Cape Jawa (or Plastic Cape Jawa) is one of the best known and most valuable vintage Star Wars action figures. So what makes this small, and relatively obscure character so special? He was to become the most famous of all of the Star Wars "variants". Due to cheaper production costs, Kenner (the manufacturer of the original Star Wars toy line) produced the first version of the Jawa with a "vinyl" or "plastic" cape. However, due to early negative feedback from kids and parents, Kenner quickly changed course and a new "cloth" cape version of the Jawa was available relatively early on in the product's life cycle. So the vast majority of Jawa action figures produced during the late 1970's were the cloth cape version. This Vinyl Cape has an overall AFA grade of 85. There is slight discolorment to the vinyl cape's lapel. This figure is available at the official Brian's Toys website.

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